5 Signs It's Time for a Water Heater Replacement

Hire Lord and Sons Plumbing in Amarillo, TX

Many Amarillo, TX property owners dread the day they'll have to replace their water heaters. Although a water heater replacement can be costly upfront, a new water heater can save you money in the form of fewer breakdowns and improved energy efficiency.

Lord and Sons Plumbing will work within your budget to replace your gas or electric water heater. Don't wait to schedule electric or gas water heater replacement services if...

Your water heater tank or pressure relief valve is leaking.
Your water heater is making popping noises.
Your hot water knob only delivers lukewarm water.
Your water is murky or rust-colored.
Your water heater is 10+ years old.

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Trust your neighborhood plumber

Lord and Sons Plumbing has been a favorite local plumbing company since 2015. We're proud to...

  • Serve residential and commercial clients in the Amarillo, TX area.
  • Provide water heater replacement, diagnostic and repair services.
  • Offer 90-day labor warranties and honor manufacturer warranties.

We can work with any type of water heater; however, we specialize in electric and gas water heater replacement.

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